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The Analysis on the Future Development Situation of Roller Crusher

Roller crusher can be called the most traditional crushers in the whole mining machinery, which had been used in the ore beneficiation industry since 1806, and more than 200 years have been passed up to now. There is no some big improvement because of the simple structure and stable performance characteristics by comparing with the other crushing equipment during the past 200 years, and it still is popular for those projects with lower requirement.


Roller crusher is used for crushing soft or middle-hardness materials, and that is the reason why it can be widely applied in the some fields such as coal beneficiation, metallurgy burning, cement, glass, ceramics and so on.

The overseas roller crushers get rapid development by comparing with the homemade ones, and roller crusher has been divided into four types according to the number of rollers, including single roller, double rollers, triple rollers, and four rollers. The roller crusher also can be divided into three types according to the shape of roller's surface such as roller, teethed roller, grooved roller.

Even though our national mining machinery can get the rapid development on the basis of the strong support coming from our state, there still is big gap on the technology of those fittings between the overseas and ours, and that is the reason why our national mining machinery should take some measures on the structural adjustment, enhancing the quality management and continuously upgrading the fitting's technology at the same time in order to make a breakthrough at last.


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