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The Importance of Jaw Crusher on Environment Protection and Operators’ Health

timeNov 23,2015

Crusher is one kind of the most common crushing equipment, and the main types of it is including jaw crusher, impact crusher, roller crusher, which have been widely used in the production. The main function of jaw crusher is to crush stone, rocks into small pebbles when taking some measures to prevent the dust pollution. Hongxing can effectively the dust leasing and pollution while crushers are in the operation.


Hongxing achieved success at last by investigating the customers' jobsites according to the characteristics of broken dust:

Firstly, the operator will close the two dust sources including feeding and uploading position, and then choosing the fan to collect dust, and using the wet filter dust collector to process the air purification treatment at last.

Secondly, wet type crushing and screening skills is the most effective way to decrease the dust pollution, so we suggest the customers try to choose the above skills if the output technology can allow it in order to improve the unreasonable throughput and to sort out those heavy pollution equipment.

Thirdly, choosing the bigger crushing ratio crushers can crush those materials into the finished aggregate without using the traditional crushing process procedures any more, and our experts also suggest that our customers choose the screening equipment with biggest output, multiple screens to decrease the times of screening process.

The skills of crushers have been updated and transformed so many times with the improvement of the advanced science and technology, which has been changed from the traditional operation by human beings to the automatic operation system. Hongxing dedicates to our customers by helping them make a big difference in the crushing filed while saving the cost.

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