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The Present Development Situation of Quarry Production

Our national infrastructure construction including highways, railways, roads and so on have been entering into one rapid development period, and the advanced technology of those construction equipment is closely related to the international technological level at the same time, but the quality of the finished products cannot satisfy the standards that most of customers are requiring for, and this has become one important element to prevent the rapid development and improvement of the whole mining machinery.


There is one obvious problem existing in the modern mining field, that is that there are so many departments being involved in the quarry production such as the public security, land resources, technical supervision department, industrial and commercial department and the tax department, which all have the right to administrate the jurisdiction, and which all don't have the supervising responsibility. The license of processing quarry can only last 3 years, which cannot give the enterprises enough time to develop and research the new products, and which cannot persuade them to do any investment any more, and the situation above on only can make them to care about the short-term economical profits.

Most of the stone pits are belonging to the private enterprises in china now, and the employees are lacking of the related expertise at the same time, which results in some problems such as the heavy power consumption, serious environment pollution, poor products quality, lower production efficiency.


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