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Defects Treatment and Structure Optimization of Jaw Crusher

As a common crusher equipment, jaw crusher is widely used for its unique properties. Accordingly, jaw crusher still has some disadvantages, such as large energy consumption, easy to wear and so on. Only finding out the insufficient aspects can improve the performance of equipment.

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Measures to the defect treatment of jaw crusher are as follows:

1. Measures for high energy consumption: To research the new type crushing cavity of jaw crusher, so as to improve its automation level and improve its production capacity, can reduce the energy consumption of jaw crusher directly.

2.Measures to wear and tear : To reduce the wear and tear of jaw crusher's jaw plate, we can install wear-resisting crushing plate on the jaw surface. Besides, we can also reduce dust source by using some water, which can reduce wear and tear indirectly.

In addition, with the constant innovation of science and technology, in order to improve the performance of jaw crusher, our equipment engineers analyzed the operation characteristics of jaw crusher, and optimized its structures as follows:

1. To optimize the structure of dynamic jaw. This alteration includes two aspects, the first one is to change the the height of dynamic jaw so as to reduce the fracture chance of moving jaw bone ,while the second is to arrange a hinge bracket instead of rolling bearing, which can make the dynamic jaw more simple and compact structure.

2.To optimize the whole machine appearance. Contour shape optimization mainly refers to the appearance of the parts' design of jaw crusher, which can improve its on-site work adaptability.

3.To optimize the crushing cavity shape. To change the outline of crushing cavity. Using the curved shape cavity in case of clogging during discharging materials can ensure the machine run smoothly.


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