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The Methods to Decrease the Pollution of Sand Production Line

timeMar 15,2016

There are some methods to decrease the pollution of sand production line:

Firstly, the operators should be strict to operate those equipment according to the introduction and design in the production process or in the construction, and they should adhere to those production principles.

sand production line

Secondly, there must be a lot of dust being created in the sand production line, which is one pollution element, so we should come up with some measures to solve this problem. The simplest way is taking the water spray to collect the dust while guaranteeing the water pressure and water flow. The operators should wear mask in the dust collecting process, otherwise, the heavy dust will influence the health of them.

Thirdly, there must be some dust leaning on the equipment in the usage process, so we suggest the operators clean them after those machines are used in order to guarantee the surface of them is clean, which is beneficial to the working efficiency, and it can help to prolong the lifespan and to realize the value of them.

Fourthly, noise pollution is another aspect influencing the environment even though different equipment will have the various noise, but to lower the noise is still important in the process. The main source of the noise is coming from the vibrating equipment, and we can set up one mat being used to prevent from the vibrating, which can effectively lowers the noise, and we suggest that the operators should wear the earplugs and the other protection facility in order to avoid the hurt in the production process.

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