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The Hidden Weapon for One Complete Sand Production Line

Our company can configure and choose the reasonable sand making equipment for our customers according to the difference of those raw materials, and one complete sand production line is consisting of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washer, conveyor and so on, and we can specially configure the various equipment in the production process according to the different requirement of those customers. The advantage of this kinds of stone production lines is its higher automation level, and the operation cost is lower while the crushing ratio is higher, and the production capacity is bigger while the pollution is lower, and the granularity of those finished products is cubic while the maintenance is easy.

sand production line

The operator should well control the crushing equipment and ores well in the operation process, and they should be warned that those rocks cannot be excessively fed into the crushers one time, which will directly cause the blocking, and the situation above on will bring along the lower production efficiency. The operators should notice the temperature situation of those sand making equipment in the production, and controlling the temperature of them is one important element, so we should know that one good operator is very important in the sandstone production process.

Environmental protection requires us to do much more in all kinds of industries or fields, and the sand production line is not an exception. There must be some heavy dust being produced in the crushing process because the crushed materials are the stone or ores and the jobsites of those projects are outside. The heavy dust not only will destroy the surrounding environment, but also they also will cause the blocking problems because of the continuous accumulation of the more and more dust, which will directly bring the hurt to those operators, so we need some dust collecting equipment to protect the surrounding biological environment in order to protect the workers.


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