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The Leading Position of Hongxing Sand Making Machine in Building Construction

The expansion of building construction can bring along the raw materials being increased in the field, which also directly boosts the booming of the artificial sand production line. Gravels and pebbles also are being used for sand making, but the tough hardness of pebbles easily cause the grinding of those wearing parts, so the sand production line, which takes the pebbles as the raw materials must be strict to the crushing craftsmanship.

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The configuration of pebbles production line can take advantages of the multiple level program and laminated crushing equipment if the conditions such as the capitals can be allowed. Taking the thirdly crushing craftsmanship (jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine) can greatly lower the cost of those wearing parts, which also can improve the production ability at the same time.

Another configuration method is taking the secondary crushing craftsmanship ( jaw crusher + sand making machine), which has the following features such as the simple craftsmanship, the ideal granularity, the lower failure ratio, and which also can realize the aggregate reshaping. The wearing parts of this machine come from the advanced wear-resistant skills, which can have a long lifespan to lower the consumption of those wearing parts.

Our company technological experts will introduce the reasonable equipment to our customers according to the practical situation and the raw materials if choosing the pebbles as the raw materials for the sand making, and we also will comprehensively consider about the granularity, capacity and the investment cost in order to choose the most reasonable configuration machine for this sand production line.


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