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The Development Predication of Mining Machinery in the Future

The main development method of our national mining machinery is to imitate the products that appearing in our market, and of course this products cannot have the strong competition in the mining market, and the only result is to be dumped at last. The situation above on not only can influence its development, which also can lead to the worst development recycle of the whole mining machinery.

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Mining machinery should abandon those outdated traditional mechanical equipment, expanding the sales channels while improving the technological level if those enterprises really want to survive from the fiercer marketing competition, and this is the only one way to occupy the market.

There are several aspects that our national mining machinery enterprises should learn about according to the future development tendency and those principles that our government puts forward to:

Firstly, environmental protection. Mining machinery should take method to solve the dust in order to avoid or decrease the dust pollution in the production process, which is one way to protect environment.

Secondly, the excellent design.to improve the technological percentage such as the computer skills or the electrical controlling technology can make the equipment be stable, exact, simple to operate and so on.

Thirdly, the strong adaption. To improve the technology and the performance characteristics while expanding the application area can make the equipment process some materials with tough hardness.


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