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Low-noise Becomes the Development Mainstream of Jaw Crusher

To solve the noise that jaw crusher made in the production process has become the main issue for our mining experts to face now, which can directly decide the fate of one enterprise.

Who can grasp the development mainstream can guide the whole market, especially for the modern energy-saving development orientation. Hongxing mining machinery tightly and consistently improves the performance characteristic on the basis of lowering the nose and protecting the surrounding environment while catching up with the international marketing tendency, hoping to create one professional development road in a short time.

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Hongxing new type jaw crusher is taking the hydraulic device, which can greatly improve the working performance characteristics while avoiding the noise pollution that caused by the traditional rotors. The movable jaw of this machine is being hung on the eccentric shaft, and the linking plate can be the reciprocating motion at the same time while that two thrust plates can be driven to do the reciprocating motion, either, and this process can help to realize the purpose of crushing and discharging process.

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