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To Become Successful by Overcoming the Obstacles that Existing in the Mining Machinery

The technological basis and our national scientific progress are still being in one weak situation at this right minute, and the whole mining machinery has to confront the serious challenge from the overseas excellent rivals, so the only way to improve the modern situation is to improve the technological level of our mining equipment on the basis of relying on the marketing development tendency.

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Some related experts point our that our national mining equipment manufacturers should cherish this opportunity to expand our international market while paying much more attention to the technological innovation and the self-independent creation in order to quicken the development speed. To overcome the obstacles that existing in the whole mining machinery can help us to shorten the time that wasting on the unnecessary matters. Not to imitate the products of the other manufacturers but to produce and design the products that only belonging to ourselves is the only way for us to survive from the fiercer marketing competition.

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