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The Brief Introduction to the Working Principles of Impact Crusher

timeSep 27,2016

The suspension device of the impacting plate of impact crusher also is the adjustable device of the discharging port, and it also plays the insurance role at the same time. This device has the following types:

Firstly, self-weight drawing bar. The impacting plate can keep the ordinary position while the crusher is working, and it can be lifted while there are some foreign materials in the chamber, and it can be put into the right position after the foreign body is being discharged out, and the size of the gap can be adjusted by the suspension bolt.

impact crusher

Secondly, spiral type. The position of the impacting plate is being kept by the spiral pressure in the working process, and those foreign body can be discharged out after overcoming the spiral pressure. The spiral can take the combination type or the spiral type, and the later can achieve the bigger gap that allowing the foreign body to go through by using the less compression deformation.

Thirdly, the hydraulic type. To take advantage of the hydraulic device to adjust the position of the impacting plate while can be taken as the insurance device is one better way to protect the machine, which is usually being used for the large-size impact crusher.

The optimization combinations of the crushed materials, the optimization design of the crushing chamber, the quality of the hammerhead, and the speed of the rotors can make a big difference to narrow the gap between the overseas manufactures and our homemade.

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