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To Accurately Maintain the Hydraulic System of Cone Crusher

We all know that the hydraulic cone crusher can be much better to be used than the traditional cone crusher, and we also know that it is the machine that being updated so many times on the basis of those traditional cone crusher, and the main reason of it can be so cool because of its hydraulic system. So today Hongxing mining machinery will introduce some methods of accurately maintaining the cone crusher to our customers.

hydraulic cone crusher

The hydraulic system of cone crusher is to guarantee the smooth operation of this equipment, which certainly can adjust the size of the discharging port. Hydraulic system can make the movable cone step back while the discharging port is being widen if there are some foreign materials that cannot be crushed such as the irons, and those foreign materials will be discharged out through the discharging port. The hydraulic system of this cone crusher is one latest advanced manufacturing craftsmanship, which makes one big difference to the smooth operation and the lifespan of this equipment.

Hot to accurately maintain the hydraulic system of this cone crusher in daily life?

Firstly, to guarantee the interior cleaning of the hydraulic cone crusher. There are so much dust that being produced in the mineral ores processing, so the operators should be conscious of the dust cleaning in the process while avoiding the mixture of the hydraulic oils and water.

Secondly, to replace the hydraulic oils. We should be warned that one filter is being needed while pouring into the hydraulic oils, and the filter must be kept clean in the process. The operators should adhere to the range of oil level while refueling the oil.

Thirdly, to guarantee the cleaning of the hydraulic system. Sometimes the suggestion that we gave to our customers is to use the same type oil to process the cleaning task while not suggesting to use the other because it maybe bring along the damage to the cone crusher.

Fourthly, to notice the replacement time of the hydraulic oil. We suggest that to replace the hydraulic oil after the cone crusher is being stopped, which is beneficial to discharge the precipitate out and to pour into the new hydraulic oil.


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