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The Installation and Maintenance of the Spiral Classifier

timeMar 20,2017

Recently, among all the classification equipment, the spiral classifier has the widest application range, which can bring so much benefit with its property that it can directly have an influence on the whole production line. Therefore, in order to lower the production cost for the enterprise, it is very important to maintain the spiral classifier in the operation of it. We, Hongxing mining machinery, will give you some suggestion about it.

Firstly, before the installation of the spiral classifier, the appearance and the property of it should be examined to see whether there is some damage on the surface of it or whether each part of it has been fastened firmly. Besides, it should be installed on the concrete base. Meanwhile, it should be guaranteed that the concrete base can support the spiral classifier reliably.

spiral classifier

Secondly, before the operation of the spiral classifier, the instruction of it should be read seriously to be clear on the working principle and the operation process of it. Then, it can be started. While the spiral body is rotating normally, the material can be sent into the machine. If there are some faults in the operation process of the spiral classifier, it should be stopped to be checked. It can't be started again until the problems have been dealt with totally.

Finally, some suggestion of the maintenance of the spiral classifier is for you. In the operation of the spiral classifier, it is affected by lots of elements. For example, the density of the ore will have certain influence on its working efficiency. Thus, the composition of the material must be controlled strictly. If the mud content of the material is high, the density of the material should be decreased properly. Besides, each component of the spiral classifier should be lubricated and examined regularly. There should be a whole examination of the machine at intervals. However, the internal structure of the spiral classifier has an influence on its classification effect mostly, such as the inclination of its chute, the width of the machine, the height of the overflow weir, and so on. In order to maintain the spiral classifier well, these parts should be strictly designed to ensure that they can accord with the requirement. Then, it can be in the operation.

The main purpose of the installation and maintenance of the spiral classifier is to increase the working efficiency of the classifier. Certainly, the essential purpose is to lower the production cost for the enterprise. Therefore, each part of the production process should be noticed. Meanwhile, it is very necessary to spontaneously seek for the production of new-type classifier. New design projects should be researched by the experience summed up from the daily operation process.

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