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Why Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Can Be Significant in Sandstone Industry?

timeJul 29,2017

The main aggregate of the modern building construction is sandstone, and this materials have made a big difference to our national economical construction. Sandstone is mainly being relied in the reinforced concrete construction, which also is the best choice for the road paving, sub-grade, and some new type building materials.

More and more crushers, sand making machine, mobile crushers, grinders are being used in fields such as mining, building construction, bridge, coal, the chemical, metallurgy, refractory and so on.

vertical shaft impact crusher

The rapid increasing demand for the cement certainly will boost the enormous marketing demand for the sandstone, so all of the manufacturers should prepare for the excellent sandstone while providing the higher requirement for the standard of the high-quality aggregate.

The crushers that often being used in sandstone production line are including jaw crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, tertiary crusher, impact crusher and so on, and the main performance characteristics of vertical shaft impact crusher can be shown in several aspects.

1. Bigger crushing ratio. The crushing ratio of this machine can reach more than 50, while jaw crusher and cone crusher even cannot reach 20.

2. The fine granularity. Those materials being crushed often tends to break along the most fragile section under the impacting force, so the ratio of the cubic granularity in this process is higher, so that is the reason why the percentage of the needle-like granularity will be less than 10% while that of jaw crusher and cone crusher are higher than 15%.

The elements mentioned above on can be the direct reasons why vertical shaft impact crusher can be so significant in sandstone industry.

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