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The Methods of Keeping the Regular Maintenance of Sand Making Machine

timeAug 22,2017

Sand making machine should necessarily be maintained after being used for a period, and how to keep the regular maintenance is one question, so today Hongxing experts will introduce some methods to check and maintain the sand making machine.

sand making machine

1. to check the wear-grinding status of the interior components including Inlet tube, cone cap, impeller, wear block, lower runner liner, round guard by opening the examination door after the machine has been used for a period, and to timely replace the parts with serious wear-grinding status is to guarantee the smooth operation. Opening the examination door is forbidden while the machine is in working in order to avoid the accident, and to find the manufacturers to replace the new impeller if this part is in one bad situation in time.

2. to add some lubrication grease to sand making machine every 400 hours, and to clean the bearings every 2000 hours by opening the mainstream rotor are very important to keep the health of the machine. To replace the bearings every 7200 hours is to guarantee that some serious accidents are not happened in the process.

3. to clean out the rocks in the crushing chamber while sand making machine is suddenly being stopped is the most important step, and to close the machine before the accident is not solved must be remembered.

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