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Sand Recycling Device Solves the Problem of Sand Loss

Jaw crusher is one key processing machine in the coarse crushing process of sand production line, and it has the features such as bigger crushing ratio and the wider range of materials that can be processed by it, but sometimes what the customers are looking for are the smaller aggregate that jaw crusher cannot reach.

sand recycling device

Hongxing mining machinery is one professional mineral ores crushers manufacturer, and how to get the smaller aggregate by jaw crusher that is one coarse crushing equipment can be introduced by our company.

A lot of find sand will be lost in the process of the sandstone aggregate being washed by sand washing plant, so the fine sand recycling device will be one useful machine, and then Hongxing will tell you the function of this kind of device.

Fine sand recycling device can be used to lower the loss of fine sand effectively, which can control the loss between 5% to 10%, so it can better solve the problems such as higher modulus of the fineness of the finished products and the lower percentage of stone powder. This kind of device can recycle 85% of the fine sand one time, so it owns the unique technological and economic advantage by comparing with the other equipment.


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