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Over-load Operation Damages Heavily Mobile Crushing Plant

timeSep 12,2017

Mobile crushing plant is one of the most common used crushing equipment in sandstone production line, and this kind of machine can be used for various mineral ores processing, and the better performance characteristics of mobile crushing plant can be very popular in various working jobsites of our customers.

mobile crushing plant

Hongxing mining machinery is one professional mineral ores crusher manufacturer, and our experts warn that over-load operation cannot be appeared in the using process, which can make negative impact on mobile crushing plant, and today our experts will briefly explain why it can bring along so much damage for this machine.

The basic features of over-load operation of mobile crushing plant is the un-average impacting load, and the impacting load certainly will influence the motor, belt, and the conveying wheel, and the result caused by it is the over-current, heat and the accelerated speed of the wear grinding between the belt and wheel. That is the reason why our experts say that the damage is enormous, so we have to adhere to the instruction.

To avoid the over-load operation is very necessary after knowing about the situation mentioned above on, and one method to decrease the ratio is to add one hydraulic coupler between the belt and wheel because this machine owns the strong ability of over-load protection.

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