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The Reason Why the Lubrication Oil of Mineral Ore Crusher Becomes Viscous

There are several common types when crushing all kinds of mineral ores, and they are including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher and roller crusher. We all know that some damage is unavoidable in processing the mineral ores by using the machines mentioned above on.

mineral ore crusher

The size of those mineral ores crushers is big, and some problems will be appeared in the long-term crushing process, so that is the reason why Hongxing mining machinery warns the customers to pay attention to problems caused by the lubrication oil of those machines.

There are more and more customers who found out that the lubrication oil of the mineral ores crushers becomes viscous after those machines are being used for a long time, so they want to know the reason why some problems like this can be happened.

The higher temperature will make the lubrication oil of those machine become deteriorated while enhancing the speed of the light ingredients being volatilized at the same time, and the ultimate result caused by this situation is that the lubrication oil is viscous. The method to solve the problem is to regularly check and replace the lubrication oil, and to solve the temperature rising of the machine in time also is necessary if the situation is caused by the machine itself.


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