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The Introduction to the Wearing Parts of Rotary Dryer

timeNov 20,2017

The rotary dryer is a kind of technical mining machinery used to dry materials like gravel. In the gravel production line, it can be said that the rotary dryer is inevitable, which has an important significance. As a professional mining machinery manufacturer, Hongxing will talk about the rotary dryer with you here.

rotary dryer

As is known to all, a machine should be cleaned in time after a long-time usage, especially for mining machinery. Then, which parts of a rotary dryer should be cleaned primarily? It will be introduced by Hongxing experts to you in brief.

As the core part of a rotary dryer, the bearing drives the tube of the rotary dryer to rotate. Only in this kind of drying method can the material be dried adequately. Therefore, the bearing is very important. Meanwhile, it is very hard to clean the bearing of the rotary dryer.

As a filter device in the production with the rotary dryer, the dust collector must be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, there will be many impurities gathering in this machine, which will damage the rotary dryer. Then, the dust collecting task can not be finished.

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