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How to deal with the high intensity rocks, crusher is the powerful arm

When the crushers used for the basalt, granite, river stone, and other high strength of hard materials, you must note that: design the reasonable crushing technology, for the investment, you should consider the stone production line cost, and also consider the investment cost in the local place.

There are three factors that affect stone crushing: the crushed materials hardness and crushed stones type, the materials silica content, water content, the materials average size, output size and the output size proportion, finished products usage, production capacity per hour, etc. In the actual crushing line, some materials are lime stone, the jaw plate’s wastage of the jaw crusher is very low, one pair of jaw plates can use one year is very normal, because limestone is low hardness, and the silica content is very low, so it is high wear ability and low corrosive.

When the materials are basalt, granite, the crusher equipment production cost is far greater than the limestone production cost, therefore, when we design the crusher equipment, try to select the laminated principle of crusher equipment to reduce the resistant parts consumption. Typical laminated crusher equipment is the stage of jaw crushers, or jaw crusher add the sysmons cone crusher technology. If the customers have high requirements of the final stones, we can select the impact crusher for shaping crushing, then this will form a three stage of crushing technology; three stage of crushing will cause the high cost, but for the long operation of stone crushing plant, reduce the three stage of crushing is possible, for the hard crushed materials, can adopt the jaw crusher and the impact crusher to form two stage of crushing technology, but this will cause the impact crusher’s impact hammer quick consumption, the blow bar is shorter life, and more returning materials, etc.

Crusher equipment industry needs to develop continually, need to meet the customers' requirements continually. In the process of urbanization and industrialization of highway, rail, water conservancy and other major infrastructure investment is increasing, which will increase the large demand for the crusher equipment. Our crusher equipment include stone crushing plant, spring cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, high efficiency fine impact crusher, building wastage crushing equipment, etc.



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