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Raising the speed of rotary with excellent grinding machines by Hongxing

Now in the market, the popular and agreed grinding machine include the ceramic ball mill, energy-saving ball mill and rod mill. The ball mill has the advantages of smaller size, even size and can apply to the grinding of the quartz and feldspar. The ball mill has bigger output size so it can avoid the damage by “over crushing”. So as the grinding machine, control the rotary speed is benefit.

Each machine, each type has its certain rotary speed when it was be designed. As all we known high speed will have high capacity. But control it to be some certain is very important. High speed, intensified campaign, also the raw material has its own energy, so the over crushing will be occurred in the grinding.

Taking ball mill as an example, Type 1224. As we all known that its rotary speed is 27-34 r/min, if we increase the speed to the 36 r/m, the capacity will be get by 4.2%. In this condition, Capacity of the size below 5mm will increase from 11% to 15%, and the metal will be 4% to 5.2%.

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