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The soul and inexhaustible motivation of global crusher market

timeJan 01,2012

Since the 'eleventh five-year plan', the equipment manufacturing industry, especially the mining machinery industry made astounding developments, the industry system constantly improved and perfected, the technology innovation ability significantly enhanced and the international status and influence increased obviously. At the same time, the strength of Chinese enterprises also continued to advance. At present, China has become a mining machinery manufacturer in global scope in realty as well as in name. Chinese leading mining machinery manufacturing companies with Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd as a representative have seen continuous breakthrough in the enhancement of products and innovation ability, and at the same time all-round improvement in the ability of global resource control and application and market penetration.

“Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress, is an inexhaustible motive force for national prosperity.” Take a panaramic view of today's international economic competition, it is the competition of technology that matters the most. It is true to a nation, so is true to an enterprise on the front edge of fierce market and economic competition. Only by way of continuous innovation of science and technology can an enterprise maintain the vitality of sustainable development.

For the mining machinery industry it is no exception. Especially for Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Company, as the representative of the mining crusher industry, mining machinery is an important guarantee of the development of the national economy,one of the strategic industry that the country makes great efforts to establish, and also the important guarantee of mine industrial upgrading and technical progress and most importantly, the centralized embodiment of national comprehensive strength and technical level.

But as a developing country, China's industrial development started very late, and the foundation is weak, so the difficulty and pressure can only be imagined to to complete in just a few years the modernization what western developed countries did with hundreds of years time. In the face of western countries’ technology, therefore, it is imperative to speed up the pace of technological innovation. Especially the leading companies in the mining machinery industry shoulder the burden of engineering equipment localization in order to guarantee the implementation of infrastructure construction and strategy of energy construction.

Big and small mining enterprises are dotted with uneven level and lack large crusher professional knowledge and operation experience, all of which bring hidden trouble to the mine safety and long-term and healthy industry development. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery also realized this problem and launched special research and development targeting construction safety conditions and safety control of a large tonnage products. Hongxing Machienry simulated all kinds of construction conditions and significantly increased the simulated practical projects. But it is far from enough only with the the related technical support of manufacturers. Only by strengthening the safety management of and supervision to construction enterprises can those problems be solved in nature.

Admittedly, as for short-time benefit, enterprise innovation is a risky behavior. Especially for technology oriented national engineering machinery enterprise with Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd as a representative, the pressure is incredibly huge. In the core technology, developed western countries have set a lot of barriers. The mining machinery industry shouldering the important responsibility of reviving national strategy should increase the strength of innovation and keep the technology leading position.

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