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2012 comes and will it be far for prosperity of China mining industry

China is huge, fast growing, manufacturing country. To continue in this vein they need huge amounts of raw materials. It is increasingly importing these to fuel its growth. In fact, China is forecast to be the world’s biggest coking coal importer by 2015. China’s increasing commodities imports are driving prices up, and that is hurting its own trade balance. What can it do about it? The most obvious answer is that it will have to mine more of its own raw materials to even slow this trend down. In order to do this it will need more mining equipment. This means more business for mining machinery manufacturers - Henan Hongxing is one of them.

Recent years, it appears many disasters. For example, the earthquake not only in Sichuan of China in 2008, but also in Japan this year. Beijing time on March 11,Japanese waters around maizuru, Richter 9.0 magnitude earthquake.By this earthquake is influencing Japan's heavy industry such as domestic mining machinery. Japan is the important origin of global engineering machinery and the key parts. We think, after this earthquake, thread of nuclear pollution, post disaster reconstruction, inconvenience of transportation, losses of economy and other factors pulled mining machinery needs, which decreased the exports of China mining machinery to Japan.In mining machinery, there are mainly 4 series of mining equipment: stone cushing machine, sand makeing machine, powder making machine, ore dressing machine. Of course, burning-free brick machine and others are included. Nowadays, the mining market is mature, and expands so fast. The mining machinery suppliers must make revolution and improvment for future development and competition.

China’s 27 largest steel companies saw a 15.7% decrease in the first-half profits from a year earlier for a combined profit of 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion), according to the Shanghai-based researcher Wind Info, as soaring iron ore costs squeezed margins. We must grasp every chance to make our own company expand and eventually make our country's mining machinery industry prosper.



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