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New benefits under new circumstance of Roll Crusher

In 21st century, 'low-carbon economy' is becoming recognized by the countries as the economic development model, China is no exception, the rapid development of economy and deteriorating environmental damage has brought unprecedented challenges to China's sustainable development and construction, the Government has to increase environmental protection legal system, to improve the low carbon environmental policy and law, to promote the harmonious development of low-carbon economy. In mining machinery industry, roll crusher as one of the key equipment also should suitable for the concept of low-carbon economy.

The coal industry began to introduce high efficiency and energy saving roll crusher to respond to the government call on environmental protection. More and more industries began to pay attention to energy saving and environmental protection. This is a challenge for most crusher manufacturers. The low consumption and green roll crusher equipment is the tendency in the future. In order to meet the need of consumers and respond to environmental protection call, Hongxing produced series of roll crusher machine with low carbon energy saving, green and environmental friendly. The new type roll crusher is widely used in coal, cement, silicate and other industrial department. The roll crusher can be divided into plain roller and tooth surface roller. The former used for grind material with medium hardness, the latter used for crushing brittle and soft materials.

The Roller crusher can be classified into double roller crusher and four roller crusher according to the roller quantity. The Roller Crusher bears the features of stable operation, easy maintenance, low cost, output size adjustable. The Roller Crusher can be used in the processing of fragile materials in cement, metallurgy, chemical, power generation, coal industries.

Working Principle Of Roller Crusher:

Through the feed opening, the raw materials fall to between the two rollers, after crushed, the final products drop naturally. When there are unbreakable materials or the material is too hard, the roller will concede automatically under the effects of spring and hydraulic pressure, which will widen the clearance between the rollers and make the hard or unbreakable so as to avoid damaging the machine. The clearance between the two rollers can be adjusted to change the sizes of final products.


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