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Operation and Maintenance of Spiral Classifier

timeMar 04,2012

Spiral Classifiers are widely applied to shunt mineral sands by forming a closed-circuit circulation with ball mill in the dressing plant, or applied to classify the ore sand and fine silt in the gravity dressing plant. They are also used for size grading of pulp in the metal ore dressing procedure, and in the deslime they are used for desliming, dehydration, etc. They are characterized as simply structure, working reliable, Operation easily, etc.

working principle:

By the principle that solid grains with different sizes and proportions have different setting velocities ine the liquid, the fine ore grains overflow out with water and the coarse grains subside to the bottom of the tank then upward discharged by the spiral. Spiral Classifiers can filter the grinded powders of the mill then discharged from the overflow pipe, while the coarse grains will be put into the feeding hole of mill by the flight. The machine base is made of channel steel and the body is welded by steel plate. The water-enter hole and spindle head of the screw shaft are made of pig iron, which is wear-resisting and durable. Lifting device of the Spiral Classifiers can be classified into power-operated one and manual one.

Details of the operation:

1. Pulps must be fed after the rolling of helicoid, and then increased gradually.

2. If special faults happen such as getting stuck or must immediately stop operation by overload when the spirochete is working, workers should lift the spirochete out of the pulp surface at once and open the ore valves avoiding silting up.

3. When the spirochete is rebooted, it should be down to a certain position before its rolling.

4. When the machine needs to be stopped, feeding must be stopped earlier. The machine can only stop when the classification is finished and there are no materials inside it.

Maintance Methods of the Spiral Classifier:

1. All lubricating points should be lubricated by sodium base grease or calcium base grease.

2. Workers should check the inside of reduction box to make sure whether the lubricating oil is on the oil needle scribed line, and the oil shoule be replaced every six months.

3. Workers should often check the lower support, and check whether the middle bearing pad, bearing and seal ring are worn or broken, in order to replace timely.

4. Bearing must be lubricated every 4 hours by pouring high pressure oil into the bearing with manual oil pump, and in that way to keep sealability of the bearing.




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