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Flame of Rotary Kilns Needs Your Close Attention

At existing, a lot of the precalciner kilns are used with three-duct burner or dour-duct burner, while the form of flame is adjustable from the reasonable match amongst the internal-flow wind and external-flow wind. If men and women need to shorten the flame, they are able to centralize the high-temperature location, or when high quality of coal is comparatively poor, the burning velocity is comparatively sluggish, men and women can correctly enlarge the internal-flow wind but decrease the external-flow wind. If top quality of coal is sweet or perhaps the kiln coating is just too slender, the floor temperature of simplified kiln is comparatively large, in this scenario individuals desire to elongate the flame, and they ought to enlarge the external-flow wind nevertheless decrease the internal-flow wind. Nevertheless, when external-flow wind is just too massive, it's going to easily result in also huge flame and too lengthy floating kiln coating, and it will simply form the circle, the temperature of rotary kiln conclude will likely be also large. And when the internal-flow wind is just too large, it will effortlessly cause stubby and divergent flame, that will outcome inside the scenario that kiln coating is prone to erotic, what is worse, burning by best fireplace is easy to make thick granule of clinker and yellow-core clinker.

In the true practice, if men and women find out the burning-zone substance is sticky, the began height is comparatively higher, the rotation of content just isn't adaptable, sometimes, it will have pie-shaped materials, every one of these prove that the temperature in the rotary kiln is simply too substantial. At this second, people must appropriately reduce the coal volume in kiln head, and concurrently, individuals have to correctly minimize the internal-flow wind even though improve the external-flow wind so as to elongate the flame and reduce way too substantial temperature in rotary kilns.

If men and women find out which the started out height of content within the ball mill is too low, and it will slide down to the floor of refractory brick, the divergence of content has no stickiness, granule is just too fine and tiny, clinker is substantial, every one of these indicate the temperature of burning zone is just too lower, people ought to increase the coal quantity in kiln head, and meanwhile, they should improve the internal-flow wind, and correspondingly decrease the external-flow wind, to ensure that flame can be shorten, burning zone is relatively centralized. And folks can improve the temperature of burning zone, which will lead to your typical state of clinker granules.


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