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Mobile Crusher for Concrete Aggregate Recycling

timeApr 26,2012

The management of recycled concrete aggregates is a crucial part of urban management. Recycled concrete aggregates are the results of building construction, maintenance and dismantlement. The aggregates are mainly in the form of solid wastes, including mud, dregs, waste steel bars, waste iron wires, various waste steel accessories, metal pipeline wastes, waste wood, saw dust and shavings, all kinds of packaging box of decoration materials, packaging bags, scattered mortar and concrete, brick and concrete gravels, yellow sand, gravels and stones that are left on the ground in the transportation process.

We could recover recyclable resources from the recycled concrete aggregates after selecting, sorting out and crushing the wastes mixed in the aggregates. Waste materials, such as bricks, stones and concrete could replace sand to produce masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushion. We can also use these waste materials to produce building blocks, paving bricks, lattice bricks and other building materials.

As the storage area for recycled concrete aggregates is usually limited in space, and the transportation situation is not ideal, we recommend mobile crushing plant for concrete aggregate recycling. First of all, the equipment combines crushing and screening machines to perform multi-stage crushing processes for various large bulks of material. In addition, the mobile crushing plant could be placed in a relatively narrow space, featuring flexibility, convenience and high mobility. All these characteristics could significantly cut the cost for infrastructure and transportation costs. The equipment could crush materials on the spot, sparing you of the trouble to transfer the materials to another place. The machines move along with the material quarry process, thus significantly reduced the cost of material transportation. We can assemble, adjust or even add special machine to the plant flexibly in accordance with the specific situation of the production process, ensuring that the plant is most suitable for concrete aggregate recycling.

(1)Track mounted mobile crushing plant

Track mounted mobile crushing plant is the best choice for processing recycled concrete aggregates due to its mobility and flexibility. The hydraulic driven track mounted mobile crushing plant, developed by Hongxing Machinery, meets the demands for processing recycled concrete aggregates. The plant, walking on the chassis, is a mobile machine for recycled concrete aggregate crushing. It has reached the international standard set for this kind of equipment due to its high performance and reliability. It is suitable for the processing of rocks, ores, and bulks of paving bitumen concrete and demolition debris of concrete generated during building dismantlement.

(2)Portable mobile crushing plant

Portable mobile crushing station is a newly-developed product based on the market demands of developing countries. It facilitates the crushing process of recycled concrete aggregates. The assembly of the plant is very flexible and highly demand-oriented. There are many choices available for the assembly of the crushing plant. The clients could make the decision in accordance with their specific situation. The equipment offers the process of crushing first and screening next, the process of screening first and crushing next, or performs the two processes separately. The crushing plant could be designated as two section crushing and screening system including coarse and fine crushing, or three section crushing and screening system including coarse, medium and fine crushing. And separative operation of these processes is also allowed in the dryer machine, making it highly flexible.

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