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Application Foreground of High-efficient Fine Crusher in Crushing Industry

With the continuous development of science, fine crushing technology has been introduced to China stone crushing industry, which is both business opportunity and competition. According to the needs for a new approach to industrialization, combining the implementation of the old industrial base strategy such as 'the Eleventh Five-Year Plan' and invigoration northeastern region and depending on major projects, fine crushing technology has been changing with each passing day. Fine crushing manufacturer has sprung up and intensified the competition. With the entrance of manufacturer into new type fine crusher market, the competition in fine crusher market is fiercer and fiercer. In order to deal with the fiercer industry competition, the constant R&D of new type fine crusher with high efficiency and energy saving is not only conducive to the healthy development of industry but also to meet the higher demands of customers.

Absorbed the advanced technology at home and abroad and combined the concrete condition in mining, ore dressing and building material enterprise, the fine crusher has been developed to crush the material with medium degree of hardness. Its energy-saving and consumption reduction effects are better than the traditional roller press and its comprehensive effects is stronger than cone crusher. Advantages are as follows: high line speeds, wear-resisting material, body structure, deck plate design, high efficiency, low energy consumption, dustproof, long service life, low cost accessories, high running rate and simple maintenance.

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