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Rod Mill Introduction in Detail

timeAug 07,2012

Rod mill (ever called bar mill) is mainly used for raw material processing and crushing, such as feldspar, quartz, ore, etc. It is also suitable for making abrasive, fire-proof material, cement, steel grit, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregates and so on. So it is a kind rod grinder.

Rod Mill

It is mainly for medium and fine crushing of hard, brittle materials. There is another kind dry rod mill. In order to avoid the dangers of over crushing, rod mill is often used by re-election or magnetic separation plants of tungsten tin mineral and other rare mineral.

When using two grinding process, if the first step grind materials from 20 ~ 6 mm to 3 ~ 1mm, adopts rod mill for the first step grinding rod mill, the production capacity will be bigger ,and efficiency be higher too.

In some cases, rod mill can replace short head cone crusher and do finely grinding. When dealing with softer or ore that is not too hard (especially the ore is with big viscosity), rod milling will grind the ore from 19-25 mm (or even 32 mm) to 6-10 mm, with lower cost and a simpler device compared with short head cone crusher. And can also make the workshop dustless and simplified.

The motor drives the rod mill through the reducer and peripheral big gear, or the low-speed synchronous motor directly drives the rod milling machine/mill through big gear around rod milling machine to drive the cylinder body rotation. The cylinder body is filled with appropriate grinding medium - steel bar.

In the function of centrifugal force and friction force, the grinding medium was promoted to a certain height, and then was thrown or relief in fall state.

The materials to be grind were continuously send into the cylinder, and shattered by the moving grinding medium inside, Then, through the overflow and continuous feed strength, the materials will be discharged, so that to begin next segment procedures.

The unique characteristics of rod mill

1.To save power:Rod mill has 40% power saving than traditional rod grinding machine, particles are much more uniform. Comparing the characteristic of finished products of rod mill and milling machine,they are almost same in open work of rod mill and close work of ball mill.

2.Adopt advanced materials-access controllable pin crusher technology, equipped with a suitable abrasive material grinding system based on actual user, change surface-contact of traditional ball mill into line-contact, make discharged materials more uniform, and make production more higher and also more suitable for different hardness(Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 12)ore.

3.The fineness of discharged materials can be adjusted:change particle size through simple adjustment,equip-in fineness controllable device, and the screening device is available for discharged materials, there are two pass-guard to ensure neither excessive grinding nor substandard particles mix into finished products. The rod mill products feature is relevant to particle ore of rod grinding situation. When the rod hit against the ore, coarse particle is hited firstly, then smaller mineral particles is under grinding to reduce the risk of excessive-crushing. When rod turn rising with lining plate, fine particle falls through bars sieve and coarse particle is blocked, it is conductive to click coarse particle into pieces, and also make coarse grinding media concentrate on hitting area. Therefore the rod products are more uniform and less over-crushing.

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