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Dust Catcher

Dust Collector Description

Dust collectors are devices that filter dust from polluted air generated by industrial processes and discharge clean air into the environment. Efficient dust arresters protect employees and society from exposure to pollution, recover product from the dust filled air and facilitate compliance with health and air emission standards. There are various types of dust collectors that efficiently treat different types of air pollution. The most commonly used ones are inertial separators, bag house collectors, air washers and air scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators and cartridge dust collectors. By understanding these dust collection technologies we can ensure a cleaner, purer environment at our work place, homes and society.

Dust Catcher

Dust Catcher Functional Principles

This type of dust-precipitator makes use of the pressure of gas which inside and outside of dust bags, the gas through the bag into cleaning gas, and dust left on the bag surface. With the increase of dust on the bag surface, the filtration resistance will increase. According to the time controlled procedures, injection system will make use of certain pressure and flow of air to clear the surface dust of each bag.

Advantage of Hongxing Powder Concentrator

The product system has the advantages of simple configuration and low investment, and it can increase amounts of mill output greatly. With unique internal structure, high efficiency of powder concentration, remarkable energy saving effect, it is the prime product to improve product yield and quality of the grinding system after the implementation of the new cement standards, which leads the new wave of technological innovation related to powder concentration. The main features are listed below.

1. Innovative structure. It is an advanced combination of centrifugal, cyclone and double-rotor types. As a result, it can save a great deal of energy.

2. High efficiency and energy saving. Materials are classified in different classification zones, and its unique material distribution structure ensures high-efficiency powder separation work. Its classification efficiency is more than 85%, and its electricity consumption is more than 30% less than that of a traditional one.

3. High adaptability. This powder separator can deal with particles in different sizes, so it can always get high-quality cement.

4. Able to effectively prevent dewing. It can be used in both humid and cold environments.

5. Multi-section lining plates have been employed to effectively prolong the working life of main motor.


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