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The Ability of Preventing Damage of Hongxing Crusher Is Increased

Jaw crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high yield, even granularity, simple structure, convenient maintenance and low production cost. As the coarse crushing equipment, jaw crusher is also called primary crusher. Jaw crusher bears large load due to the direct contact of movable jaw and material. When the to-be-fed materials contain hard stuff such as special rocks or iron, the hard materials will stop the normal operation of machine because they will be crushed inside the crushing cavity abnormally. New type jaw crusher manufactured by Hongxing Machinery is able to avoid such case and greatly improve the production efficiency of jaw crusher and the whole stone production line.

Jaw Crusher

Once the ungrindable materials enter the crushing cavity, thrust plate will be regarded as the insurance part to protect the important components from damage. Thrust plate adopts iron material. A slot or various holes will be created to lower the section strength. When the ungrindable materials enter the crushing cavity, large load will emerge and thrust plate will be broken due to the crushing force, thus the machine will stop and insurance work is done.

This design will not only prolong the service life of jaw crusher, but save much money for customers due to convenient maintenance and low cost. If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact us. Henan Hongxing will supply you with the best service. We firmly believe that technology creates brand and honesty creates glory.


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