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Hongxing Sand Making Equipment Has Bright Future to Succeed in Artificial Aggregate Selection

timeFeb 24,2013

With gradual development of science and technology, economic establishment requires more for industrial automation and proposes new demands for operation technology and sand making equipment. Sand maker plays more and more important role in national economy field. At present, the competition of sand maker is fiercer, and mining machinery equipment with advantages of high automation, intelligentization, multi-function, high-efficiency, low energy consumption are quietly welcomed by all industries.

Recent years, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. produces new type sand maker based on traditional sand making machine, and it has many benefits of simplification, high productivity, perfect supporting equipment and high automation. As for future sand maker, it will combine with industrial automatic tendency to stimulate the overall promotion of mining machinery equipment. For example, high intelligent control system, encoder and digital control assembly, dynamic load control system and other new intelligent equipment which all have been put use into sand making machine so as to make sure easier operation, high flexibility and independence, high efficiency and compatibility.

As reported that Henan Hongxing introduces newest technology from Germany and it produces VSI sand maker possesses professional crushing technology and advanced machinery manufacturing design, especially for artificial sand making production VSI sand maker is the indispensable equipment in mechanical sand production industry. Artificial aggregate material (such as limestone, granite and marble) enters into coarse crushing equipment through feeder machine, coarse crushed aggregate enters into fine crusher to be crushed again, after that the crushed material is conveyed into screening machine through belt conveyor to be screened and graded. Qualified final aggregate is discharged and the unqualified or needless is conveyed into sand making machine and next screened and graded in screening machine. In this process, medium crushing equipment, sand making equipment and screening equipment all form one closed circuit in order to process feeding material into final required sand aggregate. Artificial sand making production can adopt dry and wet production line. Considering environmental protection and water conservation, sand gradation can adopt winnowing machine that is beneficial for environmental protection and controlling and adjusting stone powder content at any time.

VSI sand maker has more mature processing technology in artificial sand aggregate industry. Readjustment of its inner structure make operation easier, safer and steadier, and also it raises high efficiency and level of environmental protection. For meeting rapid economic development, big size machinery equipment is used more widely. Under sufficient automatic and environmental condition, crushing machinery with higher efficiency, bigger capacity will be the main choice of consumers. For its feeding system of VSI sand maker, it adopts whole center and waterfall off ways; for crushing theory, there are two ways for your convenient choice: stone at stone and stone blacksmith which can make proper and easy adjustment according to concrete situation of crushed material to largely raise productivity. No matter for practical performance and designing theory, VSI sand maker plays the leading role for future crushing equipment development.

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