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Canton Fair--Our Excellence, Your Satisfaction --Hongxing Machinery at 113th Session of Canton Fair

The 113th Session of Chinese Import & Export Fair, namely the Canton Fair, will open on April 15th at Pazhou International Exhibition Center, Guangzhou. As the prestigious company with technical strength dedicated to manufacturing mining machinery, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery will unveil its newly independently innovated low carbon and energy efficient products. Hongxing Machinery will undoubtedly become the Star Enterprise at the Canton Fair.

Now there are 20 days from the Canton Fair. Then there will be 10 days, and then five. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? The chord-striking Canton Fair is coming in big strides! This will be an unprecedented feast of information and an exciting song of success. This time, Hongxing Machinery will attend the event with a more eye-catching image.

As the weather vane and barometer of Chinese foreign trade, Canton Fair has always been the focus of attention. It is the comprehensive international trade fair with the largest scale, highest level, widest selection, most customers and best transaction results. Since 1957, the Canton Fair has witnessed 112 sessions. Despite the slow international economic recovery and the severe challenges confronted by foreign trade enterprises, Canton Fair remains a most attention-grabbing China exhibition card with its unique charm.

Among various industries, mining machinery industry becomes a pearl in the palm with high-tech and favorable brand image. For the time being, promoting both sales in the domestic market and sales overseas is the common sense of the insiders. Science and technology progress in step with times. Mining machinery enterprises should take the two-pronged approach by keeping a firm foothold in domestic market and actively blazing a new trial in the overseas market. To establish itself in domestic market, the company relies on product quality, brand building and image forging, while to occupy the overseas market, self-owned brand, good platform and superior service is a must. The Canton Fair is such a platform to enable enterprises to have a panoramic view of Chinese foreign trade, thus achieving a win-win of both brand and economy.

As the leader of mining machinery industry, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has been consistently transcending its limitations and creating its own brand to successfully lead market development with pilot innovations and keep in line with international standards. All national invention patents and sci-tech achievement awards at provincial level and domestic and overseas customers coming every few days reveal the hard and soft power of Henan Hongxing. Hongxing people never dread challenges and hardships. Hongxing people will develop with high morale in leaps and bounds. The mining machinery will be full of vitality due to the existence of Henan Hongxing.

In the passionate April, Henan Hongxing will continuously enhance the recognition of itself and its products through the impressive platform, the 113th session of Canton Fair. In the meantime, we will integrate advertising, media and public relations to establish a more vast sales network and more excellent brand image.

Before the opening of a new chapter, let us expect Hongxing Machinery at the Canton Fair. This chapter will forge an indissoluble bond between you and me.

We are ready for the Canton Fair, and what about you?

Canton Fair

For more information at Canton Fair:

Location: Chinese Import & Export Fair ( Number 380, Middle of Yuejiang road, Haizhu zone, Guangzhou)

Time: April 15th, 2013-April 19th, 2013

Booth Number:8.1K17


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