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HXJQ is an Active Practitioner of ISO Quality Management System

timeJun 13,2013

ISO refers to the international standardization organization which undertakes the standardization tasks of all the industries other than the jobs of IEEE. As a certified member of the ISO quality management system, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. always disciplines herself with the highest standard of this industry and strives to become a model enterprise of ISO.

At first glance, the ISO standard document is dull and boring, but when you brow through the real cases related to the examination and verification of ISO, you will find that after these boring clauses are concretized, they are so fresh and alive and vivid. All these clauses are the fruit of the experience and lessons of many cases and these meaningful rules are protecting the enterprises while they implement them.

In the daily production, Hongxing Machinery actively carries out standardized work style, and here in our company, you can see that everything is in order. In the production link, materials, final products and semi-final products are all put in the correct places, and the purchase of materials all go through examination and inspection, and strict check and examination will be given when the crushing and grinding products are finally produced. In the research and development link, the drawings are often examined and approved for several times to makes sure that they are accurate and valid. In the marketing and selling link, our sales personnel will actively communicate with the customers to fully understand their needs and comprehensively and precisely inform them of the best solution. Many foreign customers are impressed by this professional dedication and the natural smile in the photos can prove everything.

These things that follow the ISO spirit can be done for several days, but it is difficult to always follow the ISO spirit, and Hongxing staff is always carrying out the standard, thus creating the powerful and shining Hongxing Brand!

Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. Hongxing Machinery always follows the spirit of ISO quality management system in the daily production, so that we harvest a lot of benefits: the benign and orderly gene is developing and passing on in every link of the plant, so that our company is developing in a benign and orderly manner and wins over the trust of the customers, and becomes successful in the mining machinery industry.

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