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Hongxing Impact Grinding Mill Wins National Patent

On the basis of introducing, absorbing and digesting the advanced technology from the internationally famous crusher manufacturer-HOBER, Germany, the national new and high-tech enterprise, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co, Ltd. makes innovation and successfully develops a highly efficient modern fine grinding equipment-impact grinding mill which is granted national patent recently. This machine has reasonable design and adopts pin-type screen-less structure, so that when crushing heat sensitive and sticky materials, there will be no blockage, thus extending the service life of the machine. The specially-tailored machine can conduct superfine crushing on the explosive and high hardness materials and can satisfy the particular kind of crushing requirements. It is known that this is another honor this machine has won after it is granted as “National Key New Product”.

This machine has multiple innovative design points:

1. The crushing principle of this product is advanced. The rotor and the stator form 3-4 layers of crushing zone, so that the crushing is sufficient, even and fast. The materials are quantitatively sent by the feeding device to the crushing chamber; and inside the crushing zone formed by the high-speed rotor and the stator, they are collided, impacted and crushed. After crushed in the first layer of crushing zone, the materials will continue to move outside to the external crushing zone under the gravity, and the crushing degree is fiercer with the movement of the materials. According to the crushing needs, double-rotor differential type structure can be designed, and then the crushing linear speed can reach over 200m/s, and the super-high linear speed can ensure the ideal crushing effect.

2. Quick-open type design of the machine doors makes sure that the materials are cleaned convenient and completely.

3. There is sealing ring between the machine shell and the machine doors to avoid leakage of the powder dust, thus realizing clean production.

4. This machine can grind fine particles but not grind the fiber, which is conducive to improving the screening effect of the follow-up procedure.

At present, this machine has been used and proved by many customers at home and abroad to be a new generation of superfine grinding mill with high performance and wide adaptability. It is widely used for the superfine grinding of crisp and sticky materials in food, chemical raw materials, plastic, fillings, building material and pharmacy. This product has such features as wide applicable range, convenient change of rotor, fine granularity, small amount of maintenance and low manufacturing cost, and technology takes a lead in domestic market and reaches international advanced level. The price of this product is only 1/8 of that of import equipment, so that it can replace import equipment.


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