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Biting Angle and Revolution of Jaw Crusher Decides Its Productivity

timeDec 29,2013

The spindle of crusher equipment is made of the overall forging parts, without thread, and the spindle bushings can be replaced, which eliminates the fatigue failure of spindle with traditional of threaded structure. At the same time, the contact surface of movable cone liner and metal on upper area of the spindle can disperse the impact force generated by crushing large stones.

jaw crusher

Main factors affecting the working hour of jaw crusher are biting angle and revolution. The biting angle is the included angle of fixed jaw and movable jaw. According to the calculating, maximum biting angle can be up to 32 degrees, generally is 18-20 degrees. If the biting angle is too large, the ore in crushing chamber will be upward extruded, resulting in injury or damage on other jaw crusher equipment, and increased biting angle (greater reduction ratio) will decline the productivity.

In actual life, discharge opening should be adjusted according to required discharging granularity. Therefore, at the request of guarantee the product size, enlarge discharge opening as far as possible is reasonably. The discharge opening can be adjusted by adjusting the block, and the correlation between reduction ratio and productivity should be paid attention when adjust the discharge opening.

Within a certain range, increasing rotation of eccentric shaft can increase the productivity of the crusher, but it also increases the power consumption of ore crushing. Crushed materials will not be discharged and production capacity will be reduced if the speed is too large, resulting in clogging, so jaw crusher equipment should has the most suitable speed.

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