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The Rotating Speed Has Great Effect on the Ball Mill Production

timeFeb 07,2014

It has been proved that the rotating speed has real effect on the production of the ball mill. In general, the critical speed of revolution will reach 76% to 88% when the ball mill is working. However, the most common rotating speed of the ball mills made in China can only reach 75% to 80% which is lower than the theoretical calculating value.

When the actual production of ball mills can’t reach the planned yield, adjusting the rotating speed of ball mills will be the effective measure to improve the mineral plant processing capability. When the rotating speed gets low, the medium falls with little impact force. The grinder has low production capability and it’s suitable for fine grinding process. When the rotating speed is high, the medium will be thrown out with strong impact force. At this time, the impact will be the main action of the grinding process, which will be good to destroy rough materials and realize the high yield. When the grinding speed of the ball mill is improved, the vibrating and abrasion functions will be strengthened, so it’s necessary to reinforce the maintenance process. If the ball mill has strong production capability, its rotating speed will be decreased in order to reduce the energy and material consumption as well as save the grinding cost.

The feeding speed refers to the mineral amount of the ball mill in unit time. Different media will lead to different grinding results. When other conditions don’t change, the rotating speed of the ball mill decides the movement of the mill barrel. In real life, the rotating speed of the ball mill will be decided based on long term experiment in order to guarantee the high yield, low energy and steel consumption.

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