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Technological Improvement Expands Application Range of Impact Crushers

Impact crushers or crushing machines are considered to be one of the most useful processing devices that have been widely applied by the stone industry. As the crusher market share grows and expands, its range of application has also been widened to many other industries of ceramics, glasses, chemical engineering and the recycling of tailings.

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Our company has been occupied in the crushing industry for more than ten years and till now the crushing equipment and technology are still developing at high speed through continuous technological revolution and product upgrading. In order to adapt to the current crusher market, our company has made great changes from the inner structure design to the crushing mainframe according to the market demand and we have realized the optimization of the crusher structure and performance. We research and develop the advanced impact crusher based on years of experiment and put it into use in almost every industrial area such as mining, construction, water conservancy, chemical engineering and metallurgy.

As for the new generation of impact crushers, our experts adopt the most advanced world class making technology to develop a series of hydraulic impact crushers based on the traditional crusher’s working principle. The usage of the highest end making materials and the strictest testing method guarantee the high quality of the impact crusher’s performance in actual practice. We also improve the adjustment device to reduce the shutdown and maintenance time of the machine in order to simplify the whole working process during the rough and medium crushing operation and at the same time to save much energy and cost.


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