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Mining Industry Adheres to Sustainable Development Policy

timeMay 06,2014

In the era of low carbon economy, it’s a bounden duty of every enterprise to protect environment while developing economy. Our company will always take the road of sustainable development and remember the duties conferred by country and the public. In the future, we will produce more green energy saving and high efficient crushing equipment and makes double contributions to economic development and environment protection.


Experts think that opencast working equipment is developing for the tendency of high-reliability, energy-saving, high-comfort, auto-operating condition surveillance and auto-control and will be equipped with operating condition surveillance and auto-control by micro-computer. It is reported that at present the home mining machinery is with complete categories, dimensions and equipping level by technology introduction and cooperative manufacture.

For the washing equipment, most countries are exploring the new way to meet the separating goals of diversified minerals and different impurities and make the separating equipment developing for the high-efficiency and diversification. Now, the developed countries are promoting the development of single machine automation and whole electromechanical integration.

Hongxing Machinery is well known as the leading enterprise in the domestic mining machinery industry. For a long time, the company pays attention to the development and utilization of new energy. In this case, the crusher industry should seize the favorable opportunity of vigorously promoting development and utilization of new energy to develop new environmental energy efficient crushing equipment, which closely engirds the theme of science, environmental conservation and efficient, thus the sustainable development will not just be a dream.

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