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Envisioning the Future of Modern Mining Machinery

How does an industry over 5,000 years old view its own future? Public perspective sees mining as old, dirty, dangerous and environmentally contentious. Within the business, mining is on a precipice of exciting change. Volatile and emerging markets, new technologies, increased customer demands, a dynamic workforce and riveting business model change poise the modern miner to become different, to become smarter.


Looking forward, mining companies will have critical choices to make about every aspect of their business. They can either innovate or stagnate. The most fundamental change will be in flipping the supply chain on its head, where the goal won’t be to the push product out of the ground to dump on the market, but to respond nimbly to sophisticated customer relationships and market dynamics.

Mining companies will have to abandon the rigid and ironclad business models and practices and become fluid, flexible and agile enterprises poised to pounce on opportunity.


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