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Several Factors Influencing Ball Mill' s Service Life

Ball mill is used in mining process. Clients from many countries may complain that the service life of ball mill liner plate is too short. Today, our technical staff will explain why the ball mill liners are so easy to be damaged and talk about methods to prolong the service life of ball mill liner boards.


1. Influence of grinding medium

Ball mill can grind all kinds of raw materials like mining materials(copper ,manganese ore, chrome ore, manganese ore) ,all kinds of non-metallic minerals (limestone, granite, green stone) and coal used by electricity industry. The hardness index of medium decided the performance of ball mill liners, the higher hardness of lining board, the shorter of service life.

2. Influence of operation

If there is defect, for example, bolt looseness and drops, individual liners falls, timely repair is needed. If the broken parts are not changed in time, defects will gradually spread to other section of the machine, making larger damages to other lining board and cylinder.

3. Influence of liner materials

According to the physical properties of the liner plate, the main parameters that affect anti-wear effect are matching rate between hardness and impact toughness, the higher the hardness of the material, the better anti-wear ability, and they may achieve a direct ratio ,making the balls fall like waterfall and impact on the liner board in operation process. The impact strength is decided by the size of the steel balls and the cylinder.


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