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How to Enhance Rotary Dryer Efficiency?

timeJul 24,2014

Drying is an important link in the dry type cement production line, and especially for raw materials with high water content in some cement plants, it is necessary to independently set up a drying machine for drying the materials. However, the current rotary dryer usually has such problems as low drying efficiency, high thermal consumption and difficult control of the discharging water content, which seriously influences the normal operation of raw materials system.


1. Increase the temperature of the drying media inside the drying equipment.

In the allowed range of the cylinder, improve the inlet temperature of the drying media can effectively improving the drying efficiency and reduce waste heat loss.

2. Increase the flow speed of the drying media.

When increasing the flow speed of the drying media, the drying efficiency will be enhanced and timely changing the drying media is conducive to the external diffusion. While increasing the flow speed of the drying media, customers can properly increase the length of the cylinder of the drying plant.

3. Improve the internal structure of the cylinder and adopt combined material lifting.

Inside the cylinder, the heat transfer and mass transfer are all carried out by the convection of the drying media. To increase the contact area of materials with the drying media and prolong the contact time, customers should set up lifting device inside the cylinder.

4. Reduce feeding granularity.

The bigger the contact area of materials with the drying media is, the better the drying effect will be. The smaller the materials are, the higher the drying efficiency of the drying stage will be. The optimum feeding granularity will be smaller than 20mm.

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