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How to Prolong the Service Life of Flotation Separator

The flotation separator plays an incredible and irreplaceable role as one of the most important facilities in the ore beneficiation production line. From the initial purchasing to the later operation of the equipment, we should make sure that every step be completed perfectly without making mistakes.


When using the flotation equipment, we need to check the feeding quantity and the wind pressure. If the flotation separator runs with non-stop, it is quite possible for the machine to go wrong. The bearings of the flotation separator are easy to get hot because they bear all load of the whole machine. It’s very meaningful to do well in the lubricating treatment of the bearings since the lubrication will have direct effect on the flotation separator’s service life and running rate. When using the lubricant oil, we should make sure that the oil is clean. Once the lubricant oil is insufficient, the bearings will become hot in no time. When the temperature of the bearings rises high, users must shut down the flotation separator immediately and check the possible reasons. In general, after adding certain amount of high quality oil, then the running hot bearings will cool down gradually.

To maintain the equipment well will prolong the life of the flotation separator. Users can take proper measures once the above cases happen.


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