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Factors That Restrict Production Efficiency of Jaw Crusher

timeAug 19,2014

Jaw crusher that is widely used in ore beneficiation, building material, chemistry and other industries can be divided into two crushing methods, namely the wet and dry method. According to the different discharging ways, the jaw crusher machine can be divided into lattice-type jaw crusher and overflow-type jaw crusher.

This time, our technical staff from Hongxing Machinery will explain the factors restricting the production efficiency of jaw crusher.


1. The steel ball of jaw crusher

What we should pay attention to is the collocation of the sphere diameter which is also very important. To fully grind the mineral ores that have different sizes in the grinding chamber can also improve the working efficiency of jaw crusher.

2. Material formula

Select appropriate recipe can not only improve the strength of the ball, but increase its weight, thus increasing its inertia so as to ensure a certain degree of improvement of the production efficiency of jaw crusher.

3. The amount of water

The water in ore also has some impact on the efficiency of jaw crusher. Hence, to appropriately add some water to the ore in the grinding chamber also has effect on improving working efficiency of the jaw breaker.

4. Deceleration devices

Improving rotating speed is the relatively efficient way to improve working efficiency of jaw crusher machine. Therefore, the proper improvement on the deceleration devices can also have a certain effect. The conditional ore dressing plants can also install inverter to adjust the speed of rotation in order to achieve satisfied results.

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