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The Wide Application of Raymond Pulverizer

The development of the Raymond pulverizer technology not only perfects the machine constantly, but also brings up some new equipment. The grinding equipment has good returns and brings considerable economic benefits for the country, so more and more companies emphasize its production. The newly appearing equipment contains high-pressure superfine mill, superfine mill, airflow micro powder mill and three-ring micro powder mill, which is a reflection of the technology and drive force for the whole industry.


The main raw materials for Raymond pulverizer are the nonmetal mineral like calcite, dolomite, talc, kaolin, barite, rutile and fluorite etc. it has been proved by the experiment that grinding the calcite with a size of 25mm needs an input power of only 23km when the fineness is regulated to 10um, while the output can reach 450kg/h. Compared with the traditional one, the new-type Raymond pulverizer has a higher cost and performance ratio, which makes it quickly apply itself to the metallurgy, building construction, chemistry and mining industry.

The development of the Raymond pulverizer not only pushes the mining machinery industry forward, but also creates market for the grinding industry. In the recent years, the development of the limestone processing industry drives the pulverizer manufacturers to increase in number. The pulverizing equipment is one of the main machines in the mining machinery industry all the time as the same as crusher.


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