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Safety Guidance for Mining Equipment Operation

Mining equipment is widely used in many fields, and various crusher machines, grinding mills and small mining equipment are almost found everywhere. And the large mining equipment is also updating rapidly. So how to operate and maintain mining equipment has been the focus for many people.


Firstly, maintain regularly. As we all know, the maintenance and parts of mining equipment directly determine the working ability and service life of mining equipment. So we should maintain it regularly. In addition, for the new ore mining equipment, grinding mills and crushers, there may exists some small matters in them, we should not so careless. After a long period, we can reduce the maintenance times but we also should maintain regularly. While for the large mining equipment, we should maintain regularly for the whole machine.

Secondly, in order to ensure the normal working and use and avoid delaying finishing time, we should store some wear parts and spares in the storage. In most cases, wear parts always burden the largest working load, so we should store enough wear parts or spares in the storage.

Thirdly, we should inspect carefully before using mining equipment. The laymen must not operate it and the specialists should operate it according to the operation process.

Safety comes first. So we should strictly obey the mining equipment operation process. What’s more, selecting a professional and large mining equipment manufacturer is also the key point.


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