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Features and Development Modes of Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

timeSep 11,2014

Now electromagnetic exciter of domestic electromagnetic vibrating feeder mainly adopts slant configuration, and the main vibrating plate spring uses epoxy resin composite board whose manufacture is extensive and adjustment of the productivity is very inconvenient and time and labor consuming. Foreign electromagnetic vibrating feeder is exquisite and attractive in manufacture. The main vibrating plate spring adopts steel spring plate or epoxy resin composite board, and the electromagnetic exciter has small exciting gap, high exciting force and high productivity.

The main features of Hongxing electromagnetic vibrating feeder include:

1. Small size, light weight, simple structure, convenient installation. It has no running parts, so there is no need for lubrication, and the maintenance is very convenient and the running cost is low.

2. Materials in the feeding chute are continuously thrown up in the feeding process and jump forward along the track of a parabola, so that the abrasion of the feeding chute is small.

3. The chute made of alloy steel plate is suitable for conveying materials with high temperature, serious abrasion and corrosion.

The development modes of Chinese vibrating feeder include:

1. Vibrating feeder is reliable and durable, and has low maintenance workload and high production efficiency. In addition, it is convenient for automatic management.

2. Large equipment can improve the handling capacity of the machine, meet the production needs of high output, high efficiency and integration and realize the combination of microcomputer automatic control and monitoring technology.

3. The application range of the grizzly feeder is expanded to satisfy the transportation of different materials and reduce power consumption and noises.

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