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Market Analysis on Sand Making Machine

Since our country was founded, especially since the reform an opening up, the growth speed of national economic construction is very fast. The corresponding development of sand used as concrete aggregate, and stone used in traffic and railway construction is also growing rapidly. 600 million tons a year before the reform and opening up has increased to 1.6 billion tons a year at now. Annual output amount of sand has reached 20 million tons. With the deepening of reform and opening up, the implementation of the Tenth Five-Year plan, the development of high technology and infrastructure, the quantity and quality of the sand has a higher requirement.


The state has paid more and more attention to the resource protection and utilization. In 1990 and 2000, the central government held twice symposiums on population, resources and environment. In this environment, the market demand of artificial is more and more big. In respond, the huge market demand also contributes to the rapid development of the sand making industry. China sand making industry will face to a rapid developing spring. Many manufacturers should seize this golden opportunity, rapidly grow their own and establish their own brand.


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