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Technical Features of Impact Crusher Compared with Hammer Crusher

Compared with hammer crusher, impact crusher is more innovative design and high tech. Impact crusher is a new type of highly efficient crushing machine with the advantages of big size, simple structure, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, high production capacity, even product granularity and selective rock crushing, so that impact crusher is a promising crushing equipment in mining and construction industry.

When the moisture content is high forraw material, Impact crusher can do better crushing performance than hammer crusher. In dealing with these materials,impact crusher can protect raw materials jam in crushing cavity without being equipped sieve plate, we only install the heating device for impact crusher. We can adjust the impact crusher output discharging size by changing rotor speed and crushing cavity mobile space. On the other hand, impact crusher has more extensive application of crushing materials kind than hammer crusher. Impact crusher can deal medium and fine crushing for high hardness materials.

In conclusion, impact crusher has higher technical level and maintenance method than hammer crusher. Therefore impact crusher gain more market in mining machinery competition. If you are interested in our impact crusher or have any other questions, please contact with our online service directly. Professional technician teams will send you ideal configurations at lowest investment according to you practical working condition.


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