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Advanced Technology is Applied in Copper Ore Beneficiation

The working principle of the copper ore beneficiation plant is as follows: minerals with their own hydrophobic property formed in the effect with the flotation agent will gather on the gas-liquid surface or the water-oil surface. The minerals after being crushed and ground with the required particle size are mixed with the flotation agent in the ore pulp and then are inflated in the flotation cell.


As we know, the magnetic separator plays an important role in the copper mine beneficiation and production, so it’s necessary to select qualified magnetic separator when purchasing copper mine beneficiation equipment. In order to know well about the magnetic separator used for copper mine beneficiation, we will introduce to you about the main development trend of the separation technology applied by the magnetic separator.

There are two main methods to separate rough weak magnetic minerals using the copper beneficiation equipment:dry classification and wet classification. The application of the isolation technology will reduce the material handling expense, power consumption, water consumption and magnetic medium consumption as well as simplify maintenance and operation. Additionally, the developing direction will transform the permanent magnet to the electromagnetism.


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